Dream Body Body Buidling (2024)
with Laurel Atwell, Madeline Best, Shana Crawford, Justin Cabrillos, Takemi Kitamura, & Lala Misosniky

Dream Body Body Building choreographs lucid dreamwork and other territories where the unconscious touches the conscious. It’s a piece that sculpts the imagined and felt experiences of performers and audience alike. Riding on a soundscape performed live by the Bucharest-based artist Lala Misosniky, performers enter dream states where they navigate imagined landscapes. These dream environments become vivid on stage through movement, sound, and language, all carefully crafted to create positive biofeedback in the audiences’ bodies. It’s an unexpected and nuanced sensory adventure.

Dream Body Body Building is commissioned and presented by The Chocolate Factory Theater with support from the Romanian Cultural Institute. The work  was developed through residencies at AREAL / space for choreographic development in Bucharest and Dance Alliance’s Lift Off Residency in New York City.

The New York Times

PHOTOGRAPHS 1, 3-5 by Anja Hitzenberger
PHOTOGRAH 2 by Brian Rogers